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6D Creative Eyebrow

6D Creative Eyebrow

6d Brows are the latest and the most natural of all and it is designed with full layered of delicate strokes of hairs. Best recommended to many with the less eyebrow hairs.

How do I identify real 6d brows from fake? Du to its demand many salons tend to sell their 3d brows claiming to be 6d. by comapring those gimmicks with our 3d brows you can tell  by the designs and the layered of hairs. So be sure to compare with our works first! Prices that's cheapar than our 3d brows are definitly fakes!

Why choose perfect brow house? Perfect brow house is reputable and we give clients assurance by posting our works updates monthly. Prices are reasonable in terms of quality and works and we are nominated under Singapore Brands and Excellence Awards. Reviews from bloggers all over Singapore and even Oversease.

We assure you the most creative designs and our artist upgrade their techniques every 6 months.
This is to ensure clients confidence in our eyebrow embroedery techniques with the newest designs in the market.

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